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Matinee home theater seating is a form of modular seating that emulates seating in a regular movie theater.

This type of seating is offered by many manufacturers in a variety of materials, and it can be arranged to fit numerous floorplans. Various manufacturers offer matinee seating.

La-Z-Boy offers special matinee home theater seating with specially designed seat backs. These seat backs allow for an optimal position for viewing and sound. The La-Z-Boy seating is easily configurable to fit a variety of rooms with its different modular pieces. These pieces allow the chairs to be configured in curved or straight rows, with one armrest or two, and they allow for a console piece to be put wherever you think is optimal. This line of seating also has an optional power-reclining footrest available for the most comfort in your home theater experience.

Premiere Home Theater offers matinee home theater seating in leather or ultrasuede upholstery. These seats are a little less customizable, but this line offers a loveseat model to seat two, as well as a recliner model. This matinee home theater seating features cupholders in the armrests as well.

Astute Advance offers matinee home theater seating as their lowest-cost model. This seating is slim in lines as well as ergonomically designed for the most comfort when viewing movies. All models of their matinee home theater seating come with a reclining option, with choices between motorized and manual reclining, and a cupholder in the armrest. Additional options for this model of matinee home theater seating are pivot tray tables and vibration massage. The seating comes in cloth and faux leather, and all seating can be customized a little taller, shorter, or wider to fit your needs for little to no additional charge.

Along with seating you may be looking for home cinema stands for an lcd tv or plasma screen.

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