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Definition of home theater system: "Television and video equipment designed to reproduce experience of being in a movie theatre or cinema". You'll find everything you need to feel like you're in a cinema here:.....

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Cheap Home Cinema? - For the past fifteen years our TV-less family has watched weekend videos on a tiny 13-inch monitor that was hardly bigger than most laptop screens. When DVDs came along we decided to upgrade the display to something a little bigger--like a wall-sized movie screen. What we had in mind was an assemble-it-yourself home theater. I considered big TV screens and large fiat panel displays, but in the end choose a projection system as the most reasonable way to go. Finding an inexpensive screen was ... Continued at cheap home theater

Home Cinema Tips! - Secret #1: How to Create a Seamless Soundstage Got a problem getting a smooth, seamless soundstage from your left main speaker across the center channel to the right speaker? Does much of the image seem collapsed into the center? First, carefully adjust the center-speaker distance and level in your receiver's setup menu. Many enthusiasts run the center too loud. Adjust the center level loud enough so dialogue intelligibility doesn't suffer, but no louder. Try placing your main speakers so their front panels are even with the center channel, with the center channel further back, if possible (wall-mounting it behind the TV is another alternative). If the three main channels form a gentle - continued at Home cinema tips

The Best Home Cinema? - Convert an extra room into a home theater … and it won't cost you thousands. The very best home theaters are in rooms designed and built just for that purpose. But bringing home theater to your house doesn't have to call for major remodeling or a huge expense. You can adapt a family room, an extra bedroom or just about any other room for a perfectly fine home theater system that your family will love. The key is to know ... continued at The best home theatre

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