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Blu-ray – Beginner’s Guide

Blu-ray (or BD) is one of two competing high-definition disc formats currently available, the other being HD DVD (see our Guide to HD DVD). The discs look identical to a regular DVDs, but they can hold a vastly increased amount of data, which allows them to carry the latest high-definition movies.

Basic technology

Blu-ray players use a blue-violet laser (as opposed to the red laser of a regular DVD player), which can read more tightly packed data on the disc. This means that more data can be squeezed onto a Blu-ray disc.

Blu-ray discs can hold even more information than an HD DVD – 25GB on a single-layered disc and 50GB on a dual-layered disc, as opposed to 15GB on a single-layered HD DVD and 30GB on a dual-layered disc.

The format uses the same structure of ‘bumps’ or ‘pits’ as DVD and HD DVD (see our Guide to DVD players), but they are much smaller, allowing much more data to be stored on the disc.



Blu-Ray Glossary

Blu-ray – A rival to HD DVD, offering more storage capacity but still delivering high-definition movies

HD DVD – A high-definition version of DVD technology

High-definition – A superior delivery format for TV that presents more lines of detail, resulting in a much sharper, more detailed image

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