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Toshiba TLPET1- all in one portable home entertainer!

Want to recreate the cinema experience in your home? For that you need a projector capable of handling inputs from a variety of sources -- computer, VCR, DVD player and so on. The device also needs to be reasonably compact and, ideally, have some positional flexibility without adversely affecting picture quality. Toshiba TLPET1 is a portable entertainment device ideal for the big game… home gaming, family movie night, and special occasions. The unique all-in-one design makes the Toshiba TLPET1 highly portable and easy to assemble.

Capable of operating in Theater Wide, Movie, and Game modes, the Toshiba TLPET1 offers consumers greater viewing flexibility while still delivering a native 16:9 format for a true wide screen experience. With a 480p wide screen display, the projector also features input capability of 480i, 576i/p, 720p and 1080i.

Toshiba TLPET1 is manufactured by Toshiba America, Inc. (TAI), which has come out with a long line of home cinema projectors. TAI is the holding company for one of the nation’s leading group of high technology companies. TAI is the parent of six operating companies that together span a diversified range of modern electronics, each conducting research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in its field of expertise. Toshiba markets and manufactures information and communication systems, electronic components, heavy electrical apparatus, consumer products and medical diagnostic imaging equipment.  

Weighing just 7.6 pounds, the Toshiba TLPET1 features built-in high performance 10W stereo speakers and home theater surround sound for reproduction of dynamic sound without connection to other audio equipment. With just over an 8-foot throw distance for a 100-inch diagonal image, there's no need for the large dedicated room often associated with home cinema projectors. The Toshiba TLPET1 combines high quality Toshiba video circuitry with the latest Faroudja DCDI 12200 scaling chip for clean, sharp, and natural images. Its new 16:9 three-chip LCD engine provides a 600:1 contrast ratio for both 16:9 and 4:3 material.

ColorStream(R) Component video, RGB, composite video, and S-video, 16:9 home cinema LCD projector, LCD display technology, VGA resolution (858 x 480 pixels), True 16:9 display, 4:3 compatible, Contrast in the ratio 600:1, lamp with 30W (3000 hour), digital with manual focus for zooming, Digital Keystone Correction at +/- 20 (vertical), Video processing by scaler Faroudja DCDi, projection distance between 75cm and 3.76m, projection diagonal between 32 in and 100 in, two 5W integrated speakers, NICAM stereo, SCART, RGB via SCART, Composite video signal, S-Video are the main features of Toshiba TLPET1, which is one of the most comfortable home cinema projectors for the users. Operating noise is  only 28dB

Even a first time user of such home cinema projectors, would develop a liking towards them. The picture quality of Toshiba TLPET1 is great. Colours are awesome and one can't see any unevenness or any type of motion artifacts. The controls are least complicating to understand and quite comprehensive. However, fairly a high screen door visibility and low light output are the two disadvantages. Toshiba TLPET1 uses a 60" image size for general viewing and 80" when watching movies in a dark room.

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