Denon AVR-1804 – your ultimate in home cinema experience.

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For the ultimate home cinema experience, the Denon AVR-1804 would be a suitable choice. The AV Receiver is incorporated with 6.1 decoding and amplification, an FM (with RDS) and AM tuner, S-Video and with additional 7.1 output. Component video switching, front AV input (with an optical input for easy digital hook-ups) and 90 watts x 6 of power (with an additional set of stereo output for extension speakers) are all included in the Denon AVR-1804.

The remote control provided with the Denon AVR-1804 will operate many popular brands of TV, DVD and VCR, whilst the amp's wide frequency response ensures it is ready for DVD-Audio and SACD music. Equipped with one of the best home theater speakers and home theater surround sound system, the AVR provides a marvelous audio experience. The sound stage is enveloping, but has a light, agile touch. The speech intelligibility is good and special effects and mood music are handled with precision and range

The Denon AVR-1804 series has a power output of 90 watts x 6 (8 ohms, RMS), decoders are Dolby Digital, Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, DTS-ES (Discrete and Matrix 6.1), DTS Neo, 6, DSP and eq. Modes is 32 Bit "MELODY 32" Digital Signal Processing, 6 channel stereo mode, virtual home theater surround sound system (from 2 speakers), 5 channel stereo, rock arena, jazz club, video game, matrix, mono movie, bass and treble controls.

Video inputs & outputs with Front AV in (S-Video, composite video, stereo audio and optical in), 2 x video loop (S-Video, composite video & stereo audio in and out)

2 x video in (Component video, S-Video, composite video & stereo in), Component video, S-Video and composite video monitor outputs, Audio inputs, and audio outputs via  Subwoofer pre-out with adjustable crossover frequency (80, 100, 120 or 150 Hz), 2 x optical input, 1 x optical output, coaxial input, tape loop, 2 additional line inputs, 5.1 input, turntable input are the other features of  GCC are the other important features of Denon AVR-1804

With the dimensions of  434 x 171 x 417 and weight  of 11.9kg Denon AVR-1804 provides also the screen display facility. The home theater surround sound system has speaker outputs with 4mm banana plug/binding posts on all seven speaker outputs, and 2nd set independently switched stereo outputs with spring clip connections. Tuner is FM/AM with 40 presets, auto preset memory, and RDS.

Accessories those can be had with Denon AVR-1804 include Remote control, batteries, AM and FM antennas, 96kHz/24 Bit DAC, wide frequency response (10 - 100,000Hz) - SACD and DVD Audio ready, Personal Memory Plus remembers the individual settings (surround mode, delay times etc) for each input, and independent record out selector. Macro function found on the remote controls coming with  Denon AVR-1804 allows you to programme a sequence of events into one action. For example you can set up a macro to turn your television, VCR and amplifier on, switch to BBC1 and start the VCR recording - all at the touch of a single button!

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