Sony Amplifier TA-DA9000ES

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The Sony TA-DA9000ES amplifier, housed in a sleek metallic casing with clean lines, was designed with innovation in mind.

Since it uses digital operation, it is almost noiseless, and its digital amplification doesn't have the distortion at higher frequencies of other models. This is due to Sony's unique Direct Stream Digital process, which samples at a rate 64 times that of a regular CD and is remarkably close to analog sound.

Besides the digital operation, this surround sound amplifier has many features you would expect to see in any quality amplifier - 7.1 channels, Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, and a variety of input ports. These inputs come not just in the standard optical and coaxial ports, but also in an RS232C port and a Sony i.Link port - another name for FireWire - which allows it to communicate with SACD players. There is also a Phono section built in so you can hook up a turntable and listen to all of the great music that comes on vinyl.

At 200 watts, the Sony TA-DA9000ES amplifier certainly isn't underpowered, and with the 10 speaker ports and the two-way Learning LCD remote control to top it off, this is a great amplifier for any music or home theater enthusiast.

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