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Carrying cumbersome home cinema projectors when you travel can give lots of hassles. It is here that the generation of Sharp PGA10S comes to benefit you the most.

Weighing 2.9kg, the Sharp PGA10S projector has been specifically developed for people who travel around to make presentations. It is light enough to be transported with ease when you along with your Sharp PGA10S you carry notebook computer and other paraphernalia at the same time.

All the home cinema projectors of Sharp are designed for indoor use and cannot be used in direct sunlight. The brightness of a projector determines how large an image can be displayed on screen, which in turn determines the size of the audience. Projector brightness is measured in ANSI lumens. The higher the number of ANSI lumens, the brighter the projector is.

The Sharp PGA10S has 1500 ANSI lumens, which is adequate for use for audiences up to 40 people and can display a clear image in most rooms with the lights on and the blinds/curtains open.

The Sharp PGA10S projector can be used with video recorders, DVD players, video cameras, satellite systems, TV games consoles and other video sources. Such home cinema projectors have built-in sound but this gives limited volume. For a higher quality or higher volume of sound,  the device has to be connected to an amplifier or surround sound system (home cinema or professional). Computer sound can be played through the existing computer speakers, which is normally adequate for computer presentations in small rooms.

The genre of home cinema projectors have a lamp life of approximately 4500 hours. Projectors come with a lamp installed but replacement lamps usually cost between £300-£400+VAT for most projectors on the UK market. Most projectors have a lamp life of around 2000 hours and so the lamp life of the Sharp PGA10S projector is very good.

The Sharp PGA10S projector is novel and comes with a 3 year manufacturers RTB (Return To Base) warranty, excluding the lamp and excluding accidental damage. With RTB, you can send the damaged home cinema projectors back to the manufacturer for repair and then they will send it back to you after fixing it.

The Sharp PGA10S projector is supplied with all cables needed to connect to a PC notebook or desktop computer. If you are using this with an Apple Macintosh computer or UNIX workstation, then you may need to purchase additional home theatre cable. This machine is not supplied with video cables. Scart or S-Video cables can be purchased from shops that sell home theater accessories  at the cost of around £10 in the UK.

Having computer resolution, SVGA and resolutions with compression, VGA-XGA, Sharp PGA10S has virtually zero keystone correction No. Brightness of these home cinema projectors in ANSI lumens is 1500, and the contrast ratio is 400:1. Though it has speakers, the noise level is just 31 decibels. Other features of  Sharp PGA10S include lamp life of 4500 hours, Video compatibility with NTSC/PAL/SECAM/PALN/M/60/NTSC4.43/, Mouse control, manual lens zoom, Lens focal length at  1.9:1, size of  297 x 81 x 229 mm and weight of  2.9 Kg.

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