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Among the 2200 lumen, 16:9 aspect ratio, class of projectors, Sanyo PLV-70 has had many rave reviews for its top class picture quality.

In the under $5000 price category, the image it creates is only a hairline second to an actual movie theater picture. Whether you sit close, or far away is not at all a problem for you will notice little to no screen door affect. The resolution of Sanyo PLV70 is also superb. Even standing right in front of the screen one could hardly notice the pixels

The contrast between the darks and the lights of Sanyo PLV70 is very fine. Kids can even have lots of fun playing their video games with their playstation and N-64 on it.  Also easy to install, this series of home theater projector will be easily recommended to others by any first-time user of this gadget.

With a native resolution of  WXGA (1366 X 768) and a contrast ratio of  900:1, Sanyo PLV70 produces images almost life like. The home theatre projector has Brightness at 2200 ANSI Lumens and the display technology employed is Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) The projector weighing 17.4 lbs has usually is given a warranty for 3 years.  

In order to give you everything you need in one package and at a price lower than buying each individually, the dealers have introduced Sanyo PLV 70 Bundle. Bundle includes a Sanyo PLV 70, a Component Cable 25', a S-video Cable 25', a Stereo/Video RCA Cable 25', a Calibration DVD, a Ceiling Mount FREE, and a Home Theater Screen.

Featuring three 1366 x 768 wide screen format LCD panels with micro-lens array, Sanyo PLV 70 is a WXGA class machine. It is rated at 2200 ANSI lumens, making it the first ever brightest projector introduced for dedicated home theatre use. The 900:1 contrast ratio exceeds the limits of LCD technology and enables this home theatre projector to compete quite effectively with the most highly acclaimed DLP-based competitors.

Sanyo PLV70 has a power zoom and focus lens. It has a 1.2x zoom factor, relatively short for a projector of its size and weight (17.4 lbs). Unlike many a home theater projector, the Sanyo PLV70 also has a motorized vertical lens shift that facilitates easy and flexible installation. This allows you adjust the position of the projected image vis-à-vis to the projector.

Now Sanyo PLV70 gives you a dynamic realistic picture that abounds movie theatre quality, right in the cozy confines of your own living room. Improved versions of this home theatre projector that can give a brilliant picture even in a room that’s not dark, on a huge 16:9 format wide-screen, is anticipated.

Each Sanyo PLV70 LCD panel has 1366 x 768 dots to produce a true XGA picture in a wide-screen format. Newly developed HDTV format compatible progressive circuitry with motion and Purecinema 2-3 pull down film detection for image enhancement and colour management circuitry for more precise colour adjustment and memory.

In Sanyo PLV70, Sanyo’s high-contrast optical system compensates for polarized scattering as light passes through the LCD panels and increases black contrast to achieve an on-screen contrast ratio of 900:1. Through linear control of fan rotation audible fan noise of this home theatre projector. The fan is linked to a temperature sensor and hence the speed of the fan is adjusted accordingly to eliminate noisy bursts of fan activity. This reduces the overall noise level to just 35dBA

With motor driven lens shift, adjusting the position of the projected image has never been easier in the Sanyo PLV 70. Not only does the Sanyo PLV70 come with 40 degrees vertical keystone correction it also has 10 degrees horizontal keystone correction. This means its possible to have a square image even if the home theatre projector is not ideally placed.  

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