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A video projector can be an excellent purchase for a home theater as well as for a professional who makes presentations to large groups of people at the same time.

A video projector can be connected to your DVD player, VCR and home computer and can project the video from these devices onto the wall, or onto a projector screen so that yourself and others can view them in a large format.

Often you can purchase a video projector that is small enough that you can carry it with you while you're on the go. This type of video projector is perfect for the working professional who wants to use their video projector for presentations to clients in a boardroom setting.

With this type of video projector the owner would merely connect the projector to their computer through a few simple wires, and the presentation can begin. The use of a video projector in a presentation can make the presentation as a whole look more professional, and can aloe you to "show" your clients something rather than just tell them about it.

A video projector is also a wonderful purchase for a personal home theater. A video projector can literally help turn a room in your home into your own personal small theater. A video projector can allow you to project a much larger image than any television you could possibly purchase, and also gives you the freedom to pack the item up and easily move it elsewhere in your home, a freedom that is impossible with larger television sets.

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