Sony 50" LCD HDTV

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The Sony KF50SX200TNSU is a huge 50 inch grand WEGA TV. Unlike many other large televisions, this Sony does not distort the picture, which compliments the crisp picture provided by the rear LCD projection, which has an increased contrast ratio of +50% for an even better picture.

With its anti-reflective coating, you can be assured a good picture no matter the light level of the room the TV sits in. To top off the visual features, this television sports the Digital Reality Creation mode, where it doubles the amount of horizontal and vertical lines displayed for a super clear, super-realistic image.

Besides its native 19:9 format, this TV supports a wide variety of other modes. Just set it to 'smart' for an automatic adjustment. Other automatic features of the Sony KF50SX200TNSU include auto tuning, auto startup, auto standby, and auto noise reduction. With the noise reduction, a three-way stereo system and Virtual Dolby Surround Sound plus BBE, the Sony KF50SX200TNSU gives you the audio to truly enjoy your viewing experience.

If all of this wasn't enough, there are even more features this TV offers. Besides the usual S-video and RGB SCART ports on the back of the Sony KF50SX200TNSU, there is also a front AV port, a front S-video port, an RCA jack, and a mini jack for headphones. The Sony KF50SX200TNSU supports Fastext, with a 2000 page memory. Finally, in the box are the included remote control and TV stand.

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