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Whether you are a novice to the home theatre world, or a regular to it, Sim2 HT300 DLP Projector would be your right choice. For those who consider superior quality of picture more than anything else, this brand can keep them enthused for ever.

This is all because, the performance shown by the Sim2 HT300 DLP Projector is out-of-the-ordinary and elegant.

The technology employed in Sim2 HT300 DLP Projector is based on the new HD-1 Digital Micromirror Device by Texas Instruments (1280 x 720 pixels). It makes possible both native support for 720p, as well as 16: 9 aspect ratio for a true high definition capability. The light path has been modified to further enhance the black level. This enables the home theater dlp projector to reach a true contrast ratio greater than 1000: 1. Furthermore, the DLP Projector has a new built-in deinterlacer and video enhancement (DCDi) powered by Faroudja, resulting in top class performance.

The lens shift provides a 16° (+/-8°) optical correction for a perfectly rectangular image without artifacts. A digital keystone correction (vertical and horizontal) can be supplemented via remote control up to a maximum projector tilt of 42° (+/-21°), where high-ceiling installations can cause any problems. Sim2 HT300 DLP Projector is also equipped with a new 6-segment color wheel. This wheel phenomenally reduces the color separation artifacts (commonly referred as a rainbow effect) by increasing the frequency of the colored images. As a result irritating colour flickering experienced by some viewers is also lessened. The specially color-corrected, six-segment, 3x (180rps) color wheel to minimize the rainbow effect and to achieve a neutral gray scale is also used by the Sim2 HT300 DLP Projector.

So if you are looking for excellent color balance and saturation, and you have top quality video processing equipment and DVD players, the above home theater dlp projector will be the best bet. It transforms every bit of information in those signals onto your screen. Indeed, handling clear, content-rich signals is where the SIM2 HT300 brand scores.

The long-throw ratio zoom lens (1.8 ÷ 2.4:1) of Sim2 HT300 DLP Projector prevents the typical, awkward projection of the video signals between the viewer and the screen (over magazines and glasses). Now what makes this home theatre dlp projector so versatile? It is that, it can be placed on a bookshelf or installed in the ceiling corner opposite to the screen, besides its convenience for double keystone adjustment, high-ceiling installations issue etc., as already mentioned. Also, its special, whisper-quiet mechanical technology helps it have low acoustic noise.

Texas Instruments' proprietary DLP technology uses a color wheel combined with a chip full of tiny mirrors to attain magnificent performance. Sim2 HT300 DLP Projector, with this technology incorporated, contains the latest generation of TI's DLP chip, the HD1. Its 921,600 mirrors, each representing a single pixel, are configured in a true 16:9 shape, rendering it a native resolution of 1280x720.
The Sim2 HT300 DLP Projector transmits its 480p, 480i, and 1080i signals through its built-in Pixelworks scaler. The 480i sources also pass through the unit's internal Faroudja DCDi deinterlacer. Or, to use a CRT analogy, its native vertical resolution is 720 lines; 720p sources require no scaling whatsoever.

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