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To have the NEC HT1100 Home Cinema Projector in your living room is a real 'infotainment' experience. It can be conveniently used for film highlights on television, mega format console games or DVD smash hits.

The NEC HT1100 Home Cinema Projector can give you more brilliant, contrasting, and sharp images, than most other projector types. The contrast ratio of the new DLP projector has been enhanced to an unprecedented 3,500:1 ratio, much higher than its predecessors. A new colour wheel ensures more depth of colour, fresher colours and an improved blue value. Backlit remote control are used to make all adjustments even in the dark during projection.

It was only after weighing the expectations and needs of home cinema enthusiasts that properties of NEC HT1100 Home Cinema Projector were selected. It was conceived that in order to derive maximum fun from the home cinema experience, a high contrast ratio is necessary for high-quality black tones. With its improved iris, the home theater dlp projector reaches never-before contrast values. The shutter can be used to adjust contrast value manually. The high contrast ratio results in invincible colour brilliance and razor-sharp contours at the time of projection.

The NEC HT1100 Home Cinema Projector is equipped with a new Interlaced Progressive Converter. This is particularly helpful when displaying video signals, where the full image is a synthesis of two consecutive half images. The converter corrects the different offsets, and this depends on the speed. Result: calmer images, and clear, razor-sharp image transitions and edges are created in the home theater dlp projector.

This Home Cinema Projector has a 4:3 DLP chip, which ensures optimum image display for television programmes, films or video games on a big screen. A special digital decoder developed by NEC optimizes the video signal for a resolution of 1,024 x 768 Pixels. This resolution is ideal for watching DVDs in 16:9 format. Moreover, the HTPC-compatible NEC HT1100 offers a variety of connection possibilities (S-video, video, DVI-D, audio, RGB, Y/Cb/Cr, PC Card Slot). This means that the home theater dlp projector can decode encoded HTPC signals such as those it receives from DVD players.

Users will find it very easy to operate, since they can switch between the various connections so quickly and easily. These adjustments can also be made using the handy backlit remote control. Only at 29 decibels in eco mode, the residual background noise of the projector is noticeable, that too very slightly. This means that those climax moments in films that keeps you on tender hooks will not get distracted by the projector noise. The NEC HT1100 Home Cinema Projector has something more in store for fans of digital photography, i.e., a PC card viewer. This allows to run slide shows directly from the PC card.

One of the most comprehensive European service packages on the projector market comes along with the NEC HT1100 Home Cinema Projector. The NEC Service Package comprises a three-year warranty and free on-site service. However, for the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, it takes the form of a next-day service. In such cases, the customer can go for either a free replacement or maintenance of any faulty part of the NEC HT1100 Home Cinema Projector.

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