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Anyone who has a projector for home theater use knows that they need to project the image onto something. Some folks project the image straight onto a wall, but that will give a far from optimum picture.

Others use cheap portable screens, which work a little better, but still don't display the picture at its best and can be upset at inopportune times.

The solution is a high quality screen from a manufacturer such as Beamax. In fact, if you have a set room and permanent placing for your projector, why not invest in a Beamax 16:9 Electric Projector screen? The projection surface is wrinkle-free due to the special anti-leathermark roller, and the edges don't curl so you can have a perfect image. Plus, the 16:9 projection screens from Beamax have a black border, to increase the relative brightness of the screen, which makes the picture that much more clear to your eyes.

But why an electric over a standalone? The electric model can be rolled away at the push of a remote control button to keep the surface straight and clean. The mounting brackets allow for flexible placement and easy installation, and the white aluminium case fits in with most decor. This ease of use isn't too good to be true - the Beamax 16:9 Electric Projection Screen has a motor guaranteed for 5 years, and with the self-correcting bearings, you're assured trouble-free use for many years.

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