Toshiba rear projection tv reviews

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With a screen size of 61 inches, this rear-projection television offers an in-depth viewing experience. Adding to the viewing pleasure of the 16:9 Toshiba 61PH18P is its 100Hz Dynamic Frame Scan, which is essentially a doubled refreshed rate for a picture that is even more natural looking and easier on the eyes to watch.

To make the picture even better, the manufacturers incorporated a Digital Comb filter, to reduce or eliminate undesirable effects when certain patterns are displayed on the screen, and Digital Noise Reduction, to help reduce the effects of things such as poor reception and obvious film grain on the quality of the picture. With the Super Real Transient technology, transitions from dark to light are crisp.

The viewing experience the Toshiba 61PH18P gives would not be complete without a good sound system. To this end, the TV comes equipped with all of your Surround Sound needs - a built in Dolby Digital decoder, built in stereo sound, two 68W external speakers, and Bass Boost.

The Toshiba 61PH18P is made even better with the built-in tuner that can decode not only NTSC, but PAL and SECAM formats as well. Finally, this stand-alone television includes one front panel AV port and a universal remote control.

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