InFocus Screenplay 7205

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The InFocus Screenplay 7205 Projector is a high-quality model in a sleek, curvy case that weighs in at under 10 pounds.

Keeping up with the new feature demands for projectors, it is natively HDTV capable, displaying these images at their native 1280 by 720 resolution, for a crisp picture. Even non-HD images benefit due to the projector's DCDi video processor from Faroudja, which scales the picture up to the native resolution of the projector at high quality. This processor also gives the added bonus of upping the refresh rate on DVD playback to 48Hz, the same rate as film projectors, for a smooth theater experience without stutters.

But HDTV capability wouldn't be enough if the InFocus Screenplay 7205 didn't have the brightness and contrast to make the picture really pop out at the viewer. However, with its high contrast ratio of 2200:1, and its brightness of 1100 ANSI lumens, this is not a concern. The colors are vibrant, the blacks black, and the whites shiningly bright.

With eight different video sources, you can hook up the InFocus Screenplay 7205 Projector to a wide variety of devices - from DVD players, to HDTV, to game consoles and computers. It comes with a remote control, and with a lamp rated at 3000 hours in its economy mode, this projector can give you years of home theater enjoyment.

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