Yamaha PDM 42 inch Plasma

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This 42 inch plasma display from Yamaha has a wide range of features that make it a great choice for videophiles. There are many components that make up the secret to its ultra-clear picture. One of these is the ALIS - which stands for Alternate Lighting of Surface - Method which it uses.

Rather than having the pixels that make up the picture physically defined, they are controlled electronically so that they may be displayed smaller than usual, which gives a smoother, more defined determine the brightness of the picture and applies the contrast that is best for the scene playing, which is called the Natural Black Drive System. With this system, the contrast ratio is 1000:1. Finally, this plasma display has a screen capable of displaying over sixteen million colors for a truly life-like picture.

Besides these excellent features, the Yamaha PDM-4210 is readily HDTV capable, with its excellent 1024x1024 resolution. It also offers a wide variety of viewing modes - four different white balance modes so you can choose whether the picture is displayed in warm or cool tones, depending on the movie and your preference, two different picture modes, a multi-lingual menu display, and side-by-side as well as picture-in-a-picture modes. There are also five PC modes and five video modes to ensure the Yamaha PDM-4210 works well with a variety of devices.

Despite all of these wonderful abilities, this plasma display doesn't use up a ton of electricity - it was designed for low power consumption. With its easy-to-use remote, timer modes, built-in TV tuner, and rating of at least sixty thousand hours of life, it's hard to ask for more - but just in case something goes wrong, it also comes with a two-year onsite warranty.

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