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The LG MZ42PZ14 is an elegant silver 42 inch wide plasma screen that has a slim profile, at only 82 millimetres deep, and is ultra-light, even with the built-in stereo speakers.

Because this screen is so thin and light, it can be hung from nearly anywhere you may want it. If you prefer not to mount the LG MZ42PZ14 from a wall, you can use the optional desktop stand to set the screen on the surface of your choice.

Besides its light weight and mounting options, this plasma screen has a wonderful number of features to make for enjoyable viewing. The LG MZ42PZ14 displays in a 16:9 widescreen ratio for the best viewing experience. Furthermore, it has high brightness and contrast levels to provide you with the sharpest, clearest picture possible, so you never have to worry about missing a single detail even during dimly lit scenes in your favorite movies. Finally, this plasma screen has an extra wide viewing angle at 160 degrees, allowing you a wider variety of seating options - so you can invite guests to watch movies without fear that any will have difficulties seeing the picture.

The LG MZ42PZ14 42in plasma screen also has a number of connection options so that you may enjoy a great picture no matter what you're displaying. It can not only connect to your video player, but game consoles or a set-top box, and even comes with a tuner so that you can watch television. With the wide VGA connecter, you can even connect this plasma screen to your PC for presentations, games, or whatever else you may need it for.

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