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The BSURESV2 Projector

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Philips BSURESV2, the stylish, robust bSure2 series built on Philips' tradition of offering advanced display functionality in a reliable and affordable package, would very well answer their concerns. We can see how far robust and reliable the Philips BSURESV2 is from its extreme lamp life of 6,000 hours. This life is maximized by the SmartSave(tm) feature that automatically turns the lamp off when it's not in use.

Accommodating a variety of media inputs, Philips BSURESV2 has an exceptional video signal quality, also from DVD. Its excellent picture quality is improved by ColourTracking(tm), which automatically adjusts image settings to achieve natural colors or maximum brightness. While using Philips BSURESV2 nothing distracts your presentation or lesson as the advanced cooling system keeping fan noise down to record-low levels.

Thus enabling presenters and teachers to deliver lively, memorable presentations/lessons, the Philips BSURESV2  takes away the stress they often experience when armed with technology devices. Featuring true 'plug and play' connectivity, intuitive one-touch operation and helpful on-screen menus, the Philips BSURESV2 couldn't be any handier. And the infrared sensor (with 360dgr reception) perched on the top of the projector allows them to walk around while teaching. This advantage of such home theatre projector, ensures more animated, dynamic classwork.

Incorporated with features such as SVGA resolution, 200W UHP lamp, 2500 ANSI lm brightness, Colour tracking, Super silent, Intuitive one touch operation, Smart Set automatic image optimization, Philips BSURESV2 provides you Logo startup screen. This Home Cinema Projector with one year guarantee also has option for connectivity with external media inputs like Component in, S Video, CBVS Video(RCA) etc.

Another Philips BSURESV2 series model comes with SVGA (800 x 600) resolution, 1500 ANSI Lumen 132watt bulb, besides being most silent in the business (27dB) with its unique cooling system. This class of Home Cinema Projector has built-in 6W speaker, smartSet automatic image quality optimization, smartsave auto-standby mode to increase effective lamp usage, digital keystone correection , and digital Zoom and – freeze. Compact remote control is also included. DATA in(15p D-sub VGA) Audio L/R, Stereo Audio(3.5mm stereo jack), PS/2 (Mini Din), USB (type A), compatibility with microsoft Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP , a replacement Lamp PHS3116, SecurityMax Anti theft software, dimensions: 235 x 335 x 108mm (WxDxH) and a Max Projection Diagonal Image of 6.4 metres are the additional features of this Philips BSURESV2 series.

Phillips bSure multimedia projector offers amazingly fantastic picture quality. Presentations and films are always of the highest quality thanks to the high connectivity and special ColorTracking feature of Philips BSURESV2 . This automatically adjusts image settings to achieve either natural colors or maximum brightness, regardless of the type of input. It's an important advantage that will help even the most technophobic teachers give hassle-free lectures. The Phillips bSure is the most silent in the business, thanks to the near-silent cooling system. Browse for Home cinema projectors here.


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