The LC6231 Wide Screen Philips Projector

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Philips is all set to revolutionize your home entertainment experience.

Philips LC6231, the first wide screen home cinema projectorlaunched by Philips, the LC6231 offers a gripping viewing experience that will Providing full compatibility with the latest advances in high definition television, the Philips LC6231 projector was designed to suffice the increasing demand for wide screen formats.

Larger-than-life images are what makes your home theater experience, a really a wonderful one. Capable of displaying razor sharp images on screen sizes from 40"-250" diagonal, the Philips LC6231 delivers remarkable image quality on screen sizes far larger than conventional projection television sets and flat panel displays. With a suggested list price below $2500, the Philips LC6231 is the ideal solution for users seeking an authentic and cheap home theater systems

In order to deliver the maximum image quality, the Philips LC6231 utilizes Philips’ unique Color Tracking system. The user has a new dimension in color control, allowing for both vivid colors associated with RGB computer inputs, to the natural tones and shades required for display of TV and Video images, thanks for incorporating this feature. Users can tailor the color levels, and once the desired levels are selected, they can be stored for later use.

One of the Philips LC6231’s automated features, the SmartSet feature combines the auto-image and the auto-source features to guarantee users the perfect picture every time, instantly. The instant the projector is switched on, digital image processors scan for active input signals. Whether it is video or computer input, the projector’s output is adjusted automatically to optimize picture quality.

Along with wonderful picture quality, the Philips LC6231 features Philips Air System (PASTM), which allows viewers to focus on the images without the irritating humming of fan. Recognizing that sound is an essential part of the cinema experience, Philips LC6231 home theater projector is the quietest projector in its class with a noise level of just 27dB.

With lamp-replacement being the main cost of operating a projector, Philips’ superior lamp-life adds extra value to the cost of ownership. Featuring Philips’ innovative Ultra High-Performance (UHPTM) lamp, the Philips LC6231 has a lamp-life of 6,000 hours, making it the longest lamp-life of any projector in its class. To further extend the lifetime, Philips has integrated the SmartSaveTM feature, which automatically switches off the lamp after it has been idle for a user-specified amount of time.

The Philips LC6231 projector is also fully HDTVreadyTM, thus ensuring it is well equipped for the future. Offering crystal-clear sound and exceptional picture quality, High Definition TV is set to become the new standard in TV signal technology. In addition, users can readily connect components such as a DVD player using standard video cables, increasing the utility and ease of use of such  home cinema projectors.

Those looking for cheap home theater systems can opt in Philips LC6231. The real advantage of  Philips LC6231 lies in value (due to its relatively low initial cost of $2000 - $2500) and the cheapest long term costs (due to its best-in-class lamp life).  Also, its first-in-class quietness is a unique advantage at close quarters.  However, cheaper home theater projectors are available that are even more competitive in terms of screen resolution, intensity, and contrast.  Its native wide screen format will please many movie enthusiasts, and the continued price reduction should further spurt the growth in the projector market.

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