Review of the Panasonic Home Theater System - SC DT100M

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The Panasonic SC-DT100(M) is a sleek home theater packagesystem, featuring a separate DVD player and amp.

Externally, the unit is small and slim with a mirror finish chassis and buttons with backlit labeling, giving it a clean look. The amp and DVD units can be placed either side by side or one on top of another to meet your space needs.

Internally, the Panasonic SC-DT100(M) has a wide variety of pleasing features. The DVD player not only supports CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 playback as well as DVD and DVD playback, but it is multiregional as well. The amplifier of the Panasonic SC-DT 100(M), meanwhile, is a digital amp, which means a cleaner sound with less noise, distortions, and heat. Power output is a respectable 200W RMS.

The speakersthat come with the unit are large, two-way left and right speakers. The two-way system provides a separate midrange driver that provides a more detailed sound experience than small one-way speakers that are unable to give a deep midrange experience.

The inputs and outputs of the Panasonic SC-DT100(M) include S-video and composite video output for the DVD player, and speaker terminals, photo input, phono in/out, FM coaxial, AM loop, and a cable input that connects the DVD player and the amp. The amplifier also has a built in AM/FM digital tuner.


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