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The Hitachi PJTX10 projector is a curvy LCD front projection model with a clean white finish that can accept PAL, SECAM, and NTSC formats and displays in a 16:9 widescreen format.

While it is not small, it is good looking, and has the benefit of having a ceiling mount available.

The Hitachi PJTX10 projector has many benefits. All of its connections are behind a drop-down panel so as to not clutter the appearance of the projector. These connections are S-video, composite video, RS232 serial, component video, and RGB. This means that the Hitachi PJTX10 is compatible with DVD players, satellite receivers, video game consoles, and computers!

The projector has a front exhaust fan. At 25dB in whisper mode, the Hitachi PJTX10 is a super-quiet projector that will not disrupt your viewing experience with nose. Keep in mind that this does dim the display somewhat. However, even in the full dark you will need to keep the picture crisp when running at whisper mode, you will be able to navigate the backlit remote control.

The display options for the projector are rather below optimal. The contrast ratio is only 800:1, and it projects at only 700 ANSI lumens (560 ANSI lumens in whisper mode). Also, its resolution is a midrange 854 x 480 pixels (SVGA), with an ability to project an image between 30 and 300 inches (but is best at 5 feet away from the screen). However, the Hitachi PJTX10 is rated as a budget projector, and it performs very well compared to its competitors of the same range. With proper lighting, the projector performs very well, displaying deep blacks and rich colors in natural tones.


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