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As the days fly by, people are getting busier. Gone are those days when we had to visit the movie theatres for watching movies.

Who has time anyways? The advancement in technology had made sure even the wildest dreams of yesterday are today's reality. Now, if someone needs to watch a movie from the coziness of their home, they must have the Fujitsu P50XHA10!

Fujitsu P50XHA10 is considered as one of the most affordable 50-inch panel Televisions out there in the market. It has been a visible trend that with each appearance of new generation of plasma TVs, the video performance goes up, while cost goes down, thanks to the tough competition in the TV market.

Besides its impressive picture quality and lower price, the TV offers installation flexibility in a wide variety of home theatre applications.

Key Features of Fujitsu P50XHA10 are high resolution at 1366 x 768, DVI-D (HDCP), extra component input, new remote control, new menu system, third generation AVM technology, incredibly high brightness, advanced video movement digital video processor, complete convergence, screen size of 43.5" W x 25.5" H (50" diagonal), weight of 99.2 lbs, aspect ratio of 16:9, contrast ratio of 3000:1, and viewing angle at 160 degrees. With video standards supported connections it operates in NTSC, PAL, SECAM, 4.43NTSC, and PAL-60. The Video Inputs are S-video, Composite, 2 Component, audio Inputs are 3 inputs left and right. The device has an Internal audio amplifier and computer inputs of 15-pin.

Featuring a brand new cabinet design, the Fujitsu P50XHA10 gives a new dimension to the viewers' comfort, something different from the other currently available cheap home theatre systems. Equipped with Fujitsu's unique AVM (Advanced Video Movement) processor, the Fujitsu P50XHA10 produces a superior image on its magnificient 50'' screen. It gives a natural sense of motion to the changing frames. Incorporating a built-in amplifier and the 'fine mode' image enhancement feature, the P50XHA10 does not make any compromise in quality even while it come up for big screen performance.

Stylish, but compact, Fujitsu P50XHA10 TV perfectly fits into a home theater environment. The device has been able to achieve its amazing brightness and definition by incorporating Fujitsu's state-of-the-art technology into the plasma display. Having this TV means having a movie theatre at home. One can very well experience the image and sound quality of a movie theater in this TV. How? Combining the "Fine Mode" feature, which enables one to create cinema quality pictures with a touch of a button, and the built-in equipped D-class, 1-bit, delta-sigma spectrum digital audio amplifier, this is achieved. The inclusion of a wide variety of inputs, such as 2 sets of component video inputs, DVI-D (HDCP) input etc. into the plasma display easily meets the demands of the various image sources of present and future.

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